Game-based Learning

Resources for Game-Based Learning



While Gabe Zichermann refers to Gamification in the talk below, I believe what he is describing is closer to Game-based Learning.


  • MinecraftEDU - The education version of Minecraft makes it easy to run a classroom server and gives teachers special control.
  • Portal 2 - Excellent puzzle game where students can create their own rooms and share them with each other.
    • Teach with Portals - Lesson plans as well as access to the free education licenses for Steam and Portal.
  • Gamestar Mechanic - Through a dynamic story, students can design, share and play their own video games.
    • Your students can start with the free version and you can upgrade to the paid version in the future if you choose.
    • Try the teacher quest and sample lessons
  • SimCity - An updated and online version of the classic game where you are the mayor.