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Hi, I'm Josh, thanks for stopping by!

On Twitter you can find me @x5josh5x. Get in touch!

I write about the things that excite me and make me think. Usually, that means technology, education, film, comics, music, guitar, coffee, productivity, etc. So, I'm totally a geek.

In the past I went to film school and worked just long enough in film to earn one credit in IMDb.

Okay, day job. I work in Educational Technology. I have taught everything from Film Studies to AP Computer Science. Currently, I'm the Manager of IT Services @ASIJ.

I have an MA in Educational Leadership from USF and an MA with Distinction in Japanese Language and Society from The University of Sheffield. Whew.

I also am an Apple Distinguished Educator as well as an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. Did I mention certification in ITIL?

Blah, blah, blah. Bored yet? Me too.